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Remove comment and like icons on posts and pages


  • Faith started the conversation

    Two more quick (I hope!) questions:

    1. How do I remove the like and comment icons (the bubble and the heart) from the individual posts and also the main pages (from everywhere, basically)? I temporarily did it the ugly way by changing the color to white and removing the image call, but that will go away when I update the theme!)

    2. How do I remove the carousel footer completely?


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    Michael replied


    1. You can remove the meta bar on homepage by deselecting the meta info checkbox in the post settings. There is no option to remove the like button on posts. You will have to customize the theme code to achieve this.

    2. If you open up the file inspire/footer.php on line 29 you will see

    <!-- FOOTER TAB -->
        <div id=\"footer_tab\">
            <img src=\"<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/footer-toggle-down.png\" title=\"<?php _e(\'Show Footer\', \'loc_inspire\'); ?>\" alt=\"\" />
        <!-- HIDDEN FOOTER-->
        <?php get_template_part(\'inc/templates/template_hidden_footer\'); ?>

    Delete this section.